Underling Uprising is an action-packed Beat 'Em Up with colorful cartoony aesthetics.

Play as the Underlings, a group of experiments molded by evil mad science, and seek revenge on your previous captor, the maniacal Dr. Baldrick!

On their journey, the Underlings will need to travel the globe to fight Baldrick's henchmen, overcome the demons of their pasts, and accept help from unexpected places.


A close-knit grandmother and granddaughter fighting duo!


A steel-armed ex-luchador looking for his redemption arc!


The totally rad, shreddingly sweet skater monkey!


A booger being with the power of boogers!

-Fast-paced, arcade inspired, edge-of-your-seat fighting action!

-Colorful hand-drawn visuals inspired by cartoons from our childhoods!

-Amazing electronic soundtrack with hints of retro and 80's synthwave aesthetics!

-Narrative-driven experience with a unique and quirky cast!

-4 Playable Characters with fun, interactive movesets and storylines

-Up to 4 Player Co-Op and Versus Modes

We're Dummy Dojo, a group of long time friends who have come together to collaborate on a project that we're passionate about.

For the last couple of years, we've been creating small-scale games to hone our skills and we've finally been able to work on a more ambitious project to show off all that we've learned.

We were inspired to create Underling Uprising by the Beat 'Em Ups that we love (Streets of Rage, Castle Crashers, Capcom Brawlers, etc.) and Saturday Morning Cartoons of our childhood (Teen Titans, Powerpull Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, etc.).

We sincerely hope you enjoy the game!